7 ways to overcome your fear of street photography

September 20th, 2012 → 8:28 am @


You’re anxious about taking pictures on the street? That’s OK. We all are. Here are seven tips to calm your nerves, and get out with your camera.

1.    Get in close.
Don’t use a zoom lens. Don’t stand on the opposite side of the pavement. Get right into the crowds. Mingle with your subjects. Use a wide angle lens. If you’re very close, they won’t notice you.

2.    Smile at your subjects.
Beam at them. Say ‘thank you’ to them. It will make you feel more positive.

3.    Get business cards
Get cards printed with your name and the words ‘Street Photographer’. It will make you feel entitled to be shooting on the streets.

4.    Use a professional-looking set up with camera bag and flash.
It will make you look like a professional photographer on an assignment. You’ll feel as though you have a reason to be taking photographs. That will allow you to be more bold, and feel reassured.

5.    Imagine yourself like an actor on a stage
Put on a different persona. Tell yourself you’re on stage. You’re there to greet your public. You’ll feel a different person. Late you can go back to being who you are.

6.    Work out what the worst that can happen.
What’s the worst that can happen? The most likely thing is someone will scowl at you. So what? It won’t do you any harm. It doesn’t matter. That beng the case, tell yourself, ‘I don’t need to happen. The worst that can happen is that someone will scowl. And I can live with that’.

7.    Move quickly.
Shoot a picture, and move on down the street. This will put distance between you and your subjects. In five seconds your subjects will be far way.


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