The glorious east-west corridor

Some streets lie on an east-west axis. For a street photographer, that’s significant. It means that the sun shines down the street all day. In a city with tall buildings, there’s more light, because buildings cast shadows across a street that has a north-south axis. These east-west streets produce better street images. People’s faces are […]

7 ways to overcome your fear of street photography

  You’re anxious about taking pictures on the street? That’s OK. We all are. Here are seven tips to calm your nerves, and get out with your camera. 1.    Get in close. Don’t use a zoom lens. Don’t stand on the opposite side of the pavement. Get right into the crowds. Mingle with your subjects. […]

7 tips for better street photography of kids

Torn between hope and rage, this crying child looks up at her parents, pleading for a sugary treat.                         Want to take street photography of kids? Here are seven tips for better shots.   1. Turn your camera on to adults as well Don’t […]

Tips for street photography at music festivals

The Saviour had his mind on higher things.   For a street photographer, the audience is more interesting and more challenging than the performers. The musicians are stuck on stage. They’re a sitting target, so they’re easy to shoot. The act is usually augmented with colourful lighting and smoke effects, and the background is dark, […]

Street photography – taking photos in a supermarket

Taking photos in a supermarket is a bit scary, because you come face to face with your subjects. And that’s part of the fun of supermarket photos. You risk getting spotted by the staff and by your subjects. So how do you take photos like this one?       One solution is to hold […]

For street photography, what camera do I need?

Got an iPhone? Then you’re a street photographer. Many people think you need a fancy camera to take great pictures. But the truth is, you just need to take the picture, with whatever camera you have. There’s always one camera you always have with you – and it’s your smart phone. There are three main […]